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Come riutilizzare la pasta in eccedenza facendone una squisita frittata: non sprechiamo nulla e recuperiamo il cibo con le gustose ricette della cucina degli avanzi.
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Salsa per amatori, what’s the difference?

Fresh Tomatoes

Fresh and ripe tomatoes, grown by local farmers. We follow in all stages of cultivation, harvesting, and transformation (ISO 22005 Certification).

Only fresh ingredients

We manually add only fresh ingredients cultivated in our Region. A whole leaf of basil or a whole fresh pepper.

A rich sauce

Our master cannery worker use sieves manufactured to respect a production method faithful to its tradition: the result is a rich sauce without seeds and peel, with a greater adherence to pasta, a lively and full taste.

Slow cooking

A slow heat treatment, using the same method as in the past. In this way we preserve the characteristics and the color of the fresh tomatoes. 

A Family Company

Calabria Food’s story started after the Second World War with the aim of rediscovering all the flavors of a traditional tomato puree. In the 50s, the Crispino family emigrated to the North of Italy, leaving behind also the taste of Calabrian tomato and the rite of the tomato paste. Picking tomatoes in the garden, reusing bottles, the participation of the entire family, the warm southerly sun, they’re all elements of a tradition nowadays we lack. That is how the intuitive business idea of two brothers Antonio and Benedetto was born: to produce the same tomato sauce as the one they used to prepare with their mother Maria. Therefore, they decided to return to the native Savuto Valley with the aim of producing Salsa per Amatori, the best tomato sauce in the world, the most delicious and genuine at the same time. Generation after generation, Crispino brothers’ idea con¬tinues to be a reality. In the heart of Calabria, in a place named Mangone , for half a century we still employ the same attention to the selection of raw materials, for care and maintenance of a very simple recipe, made only by tomato and basil. A slow and patient processing that respects a tradition of secrets handed down from father to son. Salsa per Amatori is culture. It’s the story of a family and its territory.


Calabria Food for people’s health


When we prepare our products, we use only gluten free ingredients. The self-check system excludes contaminations even within the establishment.

No ingredients of animal origin

We mainly process vegetables. Furthermore, in our production process we don’t make use of processing aids, filters, membranes of animal origin. 

No preservatives
or colourings. 

Our products are made based on old recipes, without preservatives and colourings. Salsa per Amatori hasn’t added salt.  


Raw materials come from local farmers that guarantee a healthy and sustainable agriculture, without GMO. 

The territory

The Savuto Valley, Sila and, more generally, Calabria; they’re names that arouse emotions, especially forthe nature and quality gastronomy lovers. Great expanses, lakes, rivers that run down the mountains and sail toward the sea. Precipitous peaks and summits that create natural balconies able to offer unforgettable panoramic views. A fascinating and amazing region, rich of history and memories. Land of reserved and proud men, as much as hospitable and generous. A rural world with its big and deep rooted traditions. An area that boasts products of excellence, protected by policies that guarantee quality, authenticity and constancy over time. Calabria Food was born and grew up in this territory, sharing its nature and spirit with it.

Quality is marked by time


We choose the best variety in order to offer only high quality tomatoes.


Our tomatoes come from a healthy and sustainable agriculture. Their growth in natural environments contributes to make them particularly tasty.


Tomato harvest is a key moment in the process, as it ensures the goodness and the authentic taste. Harvesting starts only when the tomatoes will reach the maximum level of ripeness.


Our process goes through all the phases of the traditional recipe. Salsa per Amatori is like homemade salsa, but it’s safer because it’s constantly monitored. 
(Sistema di qualità certificato ISO 9001)


  • Denise V. Ho provato la salsa per curiosità e da quando l'ho provata non l'ho più lasciata! Ottima! Lo stesso sapore e consistenza della salsa fatta in casa.. consiglio vivamente a tutti di provarla. Davvero un prodotto d'eccellenza!.
  • Barbara S. Consiglio a tutti di provarla almeno una volta. Vi accorgerete che è molto simile a quella fatta in casa Credo che dopo averla provata non smetterete più di comprarla. Proprio come ho fattoio. Provate!
  • Carmela C. Finalmente una salsa degna di nome, tipicamente come quella fatta in casa, dal sapore delicato e deciso allo stesso tempo, con la giusta corposità e consistenza, complimenti Sapore sublime!